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Certified Transformation & Life Coach | Online training

Certified Transformation & Life Coach | Online training

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Start your journey to becoming a certified Life & Transformation Coach!

Start: April 1, 2024

Duration: 6 months (flexible timing. You can go faster or slower)

The training is a comprehensive program made up of various components to offer you the best possible preparation for this fulfilling career:

  • Expert knowledge: Learn from leading coaches and experts in the field of personal development.
  • Practically oriented: Coaching techniques from day one and valuable practical experience.
  • Certification: Complete the training and receive two recognized certificates that underline your skills as a coach.
  • Online portal: Learn when and where it works best for you. Interactive video modules for a practical insight into coaching practice.
  • Network : Become part of a community. As a certified coach, you will be listed as a professional coach on Alina's website and will have access to potential clients.
  • Training folder : a detailed manual with all essential information and methods. Techniques, case studies, checklists, templates, training schedule and other documents.
  • Workbook downloads: Worksheets with exercises and checklists and templates.
  • Individual coaching sessions with Alina: Personal support and feedback to clarify your individual questions and support you in your development (online).

The profession of transformation coach offers you the opportunity to use your skills and knowledge to sustainably support other people. It's more than a job; it is a calling.

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Transformation coach training

Would you like to support people in achieving their goals, realizing their dreams and solving their inner blockages? Then our training to become a certified transformation coach is just right for you!

What awaits you?

Comprehensive program : From the basics of psychology to the most modern coaching methods and practical application.

Flexible e-learning portal : videos, templates, checklists and worksheet downloads.

Continuous support: personal contact, as well as support and advice options.

2 x certificates : You will receive two certificates: “Life & Transformations Coach” and “Inner Child Coach”.

Case Studies: Practice coaching techniques from day one and gain valuable experience.

Visibility and customer acquisition: Your listing on my website (coaches trained by me) increases your visibility and gives you the opportunity to be found by interested clients.

Change lives. Start with your own.

Become a Certified Transformation Coach!

Contents and topics of the training

Basics of psychology in life coaching

  • Introduction to life coaching
  • Areas of life and goals
  • The role of the life coach
  • Personality development
  • Holistic coaching approach

Communication in coaching

  • Conducting conversations in coaching
  • Active listening and mirroring
  • Questioning and reframing techniques
  • Meta-level communication

Coaching methods & clearing blockages

  • Systemic coaching
  • Recognizing and identifying mental and emotional blockages
  • Techniques for clearing blockages
  • Mental restructuring and self-reflection

Advanced module 1: Letting go of the past | Inner child

  • Conditioning and shaping of the past
  • Methods of letting go
  • Working techniques for healing the inner child
  • Integration of knowledge into the coaching process

Advanced module 2: Self-esteem and self-confidence

  • Psychology of self-esteem
  • Techniques to increase self-esteem
  • Methods and exercises to increase self-confidence
  • Recognize and live out your true self

Advanced module 3: Fears and limiting beliefs

  • Recognizing and understanding fears and limiting beliefs
  • Tools to transform and resolve fears
  • Building self-confidence and courage

Advanced Module 4: Deep Transformation

  • The psychology of change
  • Identify and transform blockages
  • Inner work & growth
  • Dealing with resistance
  • Support with life changes
  • Mindset and transformation

Practical application

  • Questionnaires and initial interviews
  • Creation of action plans
  • Case studies and examples
  • Supervision and peer feedback

Coaching business and professional ethics

  • Branding and positioning / niche coaching
  • Pricing, marketing and sales strategies for coaches
  • Ethics in life coaching and transformation coaching
  • Business aspects and certification

More than just training

In this intensive and practice-oriented training, you will learn all the necessary skills, methods and techniques to effectively accompany people on their journey of personal and professional transformation. We go far beyond the basics. We enable you to initiate and support profound change processes so that your clients can develop their full potential.

2 x coaching certificates